Sunday, April 29, 2012

I won't ever leave home without this app.

I am a light sleeper. Have been since I can remember. People snoring, hotel room doors slamming, that low rumbling bass? Those things make me crazy. In fact, some of the worst nights' sleeps have happened in hotels I paid the most money for. Talk about frustrating. When my mom and I were planning our recent cruise to the Caribbean, I did some research on white noise machines. I wanted something small and portable that wouldn't set airport security into a flat spin (I've seen some really benign things confuse the heck out of them before!) something digital, so that we aren't dealing with something that will wear out, and something that could be really loud if I needed it to be. Enter the TMSoft White Noise App. I already have both an iPod Touch and an iPhone, so why not an app? I love this app. It comes with a variety of noises to suit pretty much anyone's taste including airplane noise, camp fire, air conditioner, rain, thunder storm, ocean waves... The list goes on. Even better, you can mix sounds and add your own. I slept like a baby on Freedom of the Seas by putting my app on Airplane Noise and popping ear buds in but my first experience with it was when I worked midnight shifts over Christmas and I needed something to quiet my mind enough to sleep during the day. It worked like a charm. This past week, I even used it while the Canadian aerobatics team, The Snowbirds, practiced over my house. Now, that is impressive! :) Check it out. If you try the free version, you lose nothing! :) White Noise App

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