Sunday, June 3, 2012

Travel pics... how many do you have?

I always think I take so many pics until I get home and realize I really have hardly any.  My 17 year old daughter is an amazing photographer and I think she took about 200 on our recent Caribbean cruise. :)  I have been thinking that my blog has been too much business and not enough fun lately, so I am going to see if I can find travel pics in my old photos.  You know, the ones before digital cameras? Wish me luck. Hopefully, I find some fun stories to share with you! 


  1. I like the old photos. I put them in collages, and them frame them on my wall. They are so precious now!

    1. Old photos are great and I like that idea. :) I have so many to dig through. They are mostly in a box upstairs. Really should get to that.

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  3. Before the digital cameras I only too about one roll per trip...and only half of them would come out anygood =}

    Now I go crazy!! Even on a day trip to the park I can easily snap about 30 pix and that not counting all the "BAD" ones I erase :^D

  4. OH I like the collage idea of the old vacation pics. I was looking at the pictures I took when we were in Newfie about 10 years ago (9?) wish I had a better camera then or used film. the pictures are SO SMALL!