Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aaachoo! So, I haven't been around much... *cough

A couple of weeks back, my daughter, Sarah (AKA Trouble) brought home a lovely virus.  She saw fit to share it with her best friend during their sleep over and with her father for his birthday.  Nothing says Happy Birthday like the cold/flu virus, right?  Well, I am hopefully the last to get it and I was sooo sick. In fact, I pretty much spent the better part of two days in bed, a luxury I cannot normally afford.  Even after that, I was a zombie for another three days and I'm still going through the tissues like mad and coughing up a lung.  Needless to say, I was pretty much not focused enough to do much posting or moving and my first voice lesson of the season was interesting!

That said, I am going forward with the move. Just getting some things set up with my new WordPress blog then I will look into whether I can do the transfer from here myself or whether it would be worth my while to bite the bullet and pay someone to move my blog.  :)  Anyone have any experience with moving from Blogger to Wordpress?


  1. Lisa Cash Hanson from Blogs to Riches recommends a guy who can give you a quote. She said you really need and not

    1. Thanks, Myna! Not sure how I missed this. I'm actually all set up on WordPress now and found the section that talks about moving from Blogger to there. I'm going to try and see if I can figure it out later today. If not, I'll definitely use Lisa's guy!