Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nearly Time to Take the Plunge

I have been thinking of making a move for some time now and the more I network with other bloggers, the clearer it becomes that it will soon be time to make the leap from Blogger to WordPress.  I have a few reasons for this.

One - I am a music teacher and I seem to have blogs and sites all over the place.  I think the time is now to get serious about having not only a mommy blog, but also one that can make me money and promote my home studio. :)  I have a domain over at Go Daddy, which I may or may not keep (we'll see) but it seems like I could put together a much nicer blog/studio website and have it all in one place I am already paying for.

Two- I am tired of having page load and freezing issues. It took me way too long to respond to the bloggers who were so gracious to comment on last week's blog post because of those issues.  If blogging is about relationships, responding to bloggers or followers is crucial and using a platform which makes these things difficult just seems like a waste of time at this point in time.

I am working through one question, however, and that is whether I can keep a section for blogging like I have been doing recently, about my life with my family and the seasons of parenting.  I'll be looking into a way to keep that going because I don't want to stop doing this kind of post after getting such positive feedback and because I really do enjoy it.  :)

Right now, I have been working with the sweet and wonderful Lisa Cash Hanson and learning how I might make my blog/website more profitable.  I am involved with a great group of ladies in a group called Blogs to Riches and am part of the Inner Circle with special one on one training with Lisa.  She is working hard to help those of us who need to make the move to WordPress easier.  I highly recommend the group and the training if you are in the market for some advice and gentle butt kicking to help grow your blog and business.  You can check out the book for yourself here!  Click here to visit Mompreneur Mogul.


  1. Very Cool Barbara, I started with Wordpress so it is all I know. I think it is a very freeing experience because it allows for a ton of custom stuff. Of course, that is also pretty daunting.

    Let me know if I can be of any help! I am pretty smart about the coding aspects if you have questions.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I may very well do that! I'm choosing to think of it as exciting rather than daunting, but as I do have a tendency to get overwhelmed, I'll be looking for people with knowledge of how it works.

      Had I listened to my daughter, I would have had a WordPress account from the beginning! LOL

  2. I too, wonder, if I should have started with Wordpress instead of Blogger. I am also working with Lisa at Blog to Riches!

    1. Awesome! There are so many of us, but I am slowly getting to know a few. :) It's really fun bumping into people whose blogs I have enjoyed! :)