Saturday, September 8, 2012

Away from my blog for far too long!

I apologize profusely for my long absence.  I last posted just before my daughter graduated, but I had no idea how my life would blow up in my face for a few weeks!  I want to be careful to keep this from getting too personal, but let's just say that my husband and I looked very hard at whether this marriage is going to continue to work out or not.  I am in counselling, he is making some changes and we are taking it one step at a time.

Meanwhile, my daughter graduated in a lovely ceremony where she looked in her words; "like a pretty freaking princess!"   I'll be sure to post more about that later today.  Brag pics WILL be included. ;)  We also took a trip (surprise, surprise!) to the Edmonton area where she visited with her biological father. I drove (roughly 1200KM each way - somewhere in the 750 mile area) and it was a really cool experience. More blog material! Yay! :)

Some exciting things are happening.  I will be teaching a series of music classes at our local rec centre starting next week.  My younger daughter started high school at the high school from which I graduated (some) years ago.  My older daughter decided to stay with us for at least the next year and has begun a job search.  I have also joined Lisa Cash Hanson's Blogs to Riches Club where I will learn a lot more about blogging for money and how to be a successful blogger.  So here is to a really exciting fall!  Hope you all had a wonderful summer!


  1. Hi Barbara, so sorry to hear you are having some struggles, but congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! It's nice to hear that she is going to stay with you for a while. As a fellow mom, I know how hard it is to let go! Good luck to you and your music!! Lisa

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I scooted over to read your sweet blog earlier today. We moms need eachothers' support. That's for sure!

  2. Hey girlie, tell me more about this blogs to riches stuff!